Take Out Menu

Mix Green Salad
Seasonal mixed green, dried cranberries, candied walnuts, carrots and house-made red wine vinaigrette. Add Salmon, Prawns, or Chicken. 

Mushroom Flatbread Mozzarella
mixed mushrooms and parmesan cheese, baby arugula, roasted garlic, olive oil. 

Prosciutto Flatbread 
Mozzarella cheese, baby arugula, parmesan, extra virgin olive oil. 

On a bed of Yukon gold potatoes, capers, red onions and sautéed spinach served with lemon caper aioli. 

Cheese Burger 
Burgers comes with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and cheddar cheese. 

Seafood Linguini 
pasta tossed with salmon, prawns, fresh tomato, basil with light spicy marinara sauce. 

Rigatoni Pasta 
tossed with Italian sausage, fresh herbs, roasted bell pepper light cream marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. 

Cheese Ravioli 
Ricotta stuffed ravioli with a creamy pesto sauce. 

Penne Pollo 
Grilled chicken breast, broccoli, sun dried tomatoes cream sauce. 

Mediterranean Prawns
Tiger prawns, kalamata olives, capers, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic white wine sauce. Served with seasonal vegetables and linguini. 

Cabbage Salad 
Crispy bacon, mushrooms, blue cheese, garlic
croutons and warm red wine vinaigrette. 

Chicken Wings 
Crispy chicken wings,
ranch dressing, carrots, celery 

Grilled Kobe beef served with pickles,
chopped lettuce, cheddar cheese and our signature sauce. 

Smoked Salmon

Flatbread Cream cheese, arugula, capers, lemon olive oil